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Healthy Campus / Tobacco & Other Drugs

Tobacco & Other Drugs

As a top-tier research university, FSU sets the example for other organizations through its policies and practices, including those associated with the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Hundreds of colleges and universities across the country have adopted tobacco-free policies in keeping with a  growing movement that spans both private and public sector areas to restrict exposure to toxic and human cancer-causing substances.

Numerous research studies have clearly shown that second-hand smoke impacts people’s health, including those suffering from asthma and other respiratory conditions. Everyone has the right to work and live in environments that are free of risks and effects associated with tobacco use.

It is important that everyone participate in the establishment and maintenance of our tobacco-free campus. This shared enforcement responsibility will ensure a healthy environment for all of us, as well as reduce the hazards, accidental fires, and costs associated with the disposal of discarded tobacco products.

FSU Tobacco Policy

Read the Tobacco-Free Policy as approved by the Faculty Senate, Student Senate and Board of Trustees.

How to Quit

If you are interested in quitting, help is available for anyone who would like to quit smoking/using other tobacco products through the Smoking Cessation Program at University Health Services.

Media Kit

Interested in promoting Tobacco Free FSU in your department or organization? Please use the items provided here. 

Report Violations

Have you seen someone violating FSU's Tobacco Policy? You can report it here.

Tobacco & Drugs FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions